How to Pack for a Stress-Free Adventure with Children

By: MyGuestbook’s Travel Expert

Preparing your children for a vacation can be just as stressful as planning the trip itself. When spills and falls are a normal part of the life of a child, snacks are necessary for preventing breakdowns, and entertainment is a must, the needs of a child can take up a lot of space. Some of us end up with stacks of luggage for a short vacation with a family of four. luggage-646311_960_720The packing process doesn’t have to be complicated, and knowing what to bring can save you many meltdowns during the trip. Use these tried-and-true tips to pack for a trip of any length with children.

  1. Plan ahead for mishaps with clothing

Falls and spills happen. Children are pretty notorious for being apologetically messy. In order to mitigate the stress, prepare by bringing 2-3 extra clothing pieces that are easy to clean. In addition to being able to wash out any stains your child may make, having a few quick changes for any spills that happen outside the hotel will help.

2. Only pack enough for the trip

Be discerning in your clothing choices. Bringing layers to prepare for changes in weather throughout the day can save you many outfit changes. Bring a few bottoms, a few tops, and a jacket or two. You don’t want to waste space by bringing clothes that won’t be used.

3. Keep snacks for the children in your carry-on

Whether you’re on a plane or in the car, traveling with snacks is always important. Packing easy to transport, mess-free snacks like carrots, pretzels, or apple sauce squeeze tubes in your bag means you won’t have to go searching for a snack while your child is screaming.

4. Come prepared with entertainment

Parents should always bring activities that are easy to store with the potential to entertain children for those long travel hours or waiting times at restaurants or theme parks. You can have a tablet, books, mini games, or color activity books. Having quiet activities can be best for planes, where running and screaming isn’t always an option.


When you pack smartly for your children, that leaves you with more space in your bags and less stress during your exciting vacation. Ultimately, have fun and remember that anything you could potentially forget can be bought at your destination. Making sure you and your children have a fun time is the goal, so don’t stress about bringing everything possible to keep your child happy.  The memories you make will last a lifetime. Make sure to bring a camera to capture them!