By: Tiffani Rase

Entertaining yourself on a long flight can be tiring. If you can’t sleep on planes, it can feel long and boring. Use these quick and easy ideas to entertain yourself during your next trip.

  1. Books, digital or physical- Books can provide entertainment as well as a form of escapism if you aren’t a big fan of flying. There are pros and cons to both digital and physical books, andPicture3 those who use each have distinct opinions on them. Physical copies of books, although more expensive in most cases, are always available. Losing battery is never a problem, though the bulkiness can take up unnecessary room in your bag, especially if you want to bring many. Although the upfront cost of digital readers or tablets is higher, the amount of books, television shows, movies and music you can fit on these devices is staggering.

Investing in a tablet can provide you hours of entertainment. However, your plane may or may not have charging capabilities, so if your power runs out of your device, you would have to have a back-up book on hand.

2. Television shows, movies, music- All of these can provide entertainment for hours. Most long flights have screens on the back of each seat to watch movies and televison shows, many of which are recent. If your flight doesn’t have these available, having a laptop with a few downloaded shows or movies is the best way to make your time fly.

3. Playing games, portable gaming devices or cell phones can both provide hours of entertainment with games, whether they be addictive cell phone games or games on portable gaming devices.  Keeping these available is an ideal way to pass the time on your flight.

Staying entertained on long flights is often made easier with electronics, and since most planes now have charging options for electronics as well as seat-back televisions, being able to travel without boring hours of watching out the window or staring at the seat in front of you is now possible.