By:  The MyGuestbook Travel Expert

Trip-planning is often viewed as the most stressful part of a vacation. No one wants to potentially upset some of the travel party. Studies show that over 89% of Americans are stressed about planning a vacation with 50% being most stressed about developing an itinerary! For vacations that we all look forward to, planning them shouldn’t be a hassle.

MyGuestbook offers you unlimited potential in planning trips and get-togethers of all kinds. From family reunions to getaways with close friends, the trip-planning feature is an easy way to choose a location, decide on what to do, and develop a cohesive itinerary for everyone in your travel group.

nametrip2 1. Name your trip so your whole travel party can easily identify it.







datetrip3 2. Choose and location and dates for your trip

Choose from thousands of destinations around the country for your next trip.






invitefriends4 3. Invite friends!

Once you’ve chosen a destination and dates, invite friends and family to collaborate on plans. Invite them all to join MyGuestbook so they can suggest fun activities!






findandaddactivitiesCollaborating on trips on MyGuestbook provides an easy space to meet and solidify travel plans. You can look at each day individually, get temperature and weather updates, and input activities. The collaborators on the trip can add activities as suggestions for other collaborators to vote on. MyGuestbook gives thousands of options for entertainment during your trip.

Starting the trip is a simple way to improve communication with attendees. Everyone can have the details of ticket purchases all in one place! The process is simple for even the less technologically-savvy travelers. Having this freedom when planning a trip allows everyone to be taken into account.

Picture2Trying to decide where to go? MyGuestbook has thousands of ideas. Check out our blog on how to choose the right destination for your family!

From golf courses to Disney World, there is something for every age group. Many travelers feel the stress when it comes to making everyone happy. With our simple collaboration tool, the stress of trip-planning is eliminated. Make everyone in your group happy with their own choices to make your trip one to remember.