By: MyGuestbook’s Travel Expert

Whether you’ve stayed in a vacation rental before or this is your first time, knowing what to bring and what not to bring is crucial to planning your trip. One of the fantastic benefits of vacation rentals is that a lot of the amenities provided for you minimize the items you have to bring. Think of all the items you typically bring to a hotel. From shampoo to entertainment (laptops,tablets, etc), the amount of items you have to carry adds up and only makes the traveling process more stressful.

Renting a home can provide you with the luxuries of being at home without having to bring a lot of unnecessary items. Save the hassle of triple checking that everything is packed when the items that may be forgotten can usually be found at a vacation rental.

The perks of a vacation rental are far-reaching, but in addition to having a great place to stay, towels and shampoo and other toiletries are usually provided. The kitchen can come  with a fridge and stove to make food yourself in the kitchen. Most units also have a washer and dryer, minimizing the amount of clothing you need to bring. You get personalized attention to detail and are provided with fabulous hosts that are incredibly helpful. Hotels simply cannot provide this personal touch when dealing with hundreds of people.

When traveling with family and friends, consider looking in to the vacation rentals in the area you’re staying at. These often come at great deals compared to hotels with a fresh, luxurious home feel that you can’t get in a 200 square foot room.

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