Miami is a huge travel destination for those in the United States wanting to go on vacation, soak up the sun, and enjoy the leisurely beach and tourist scene. It’s no surprise that Miami is consistently rated on top 10 vacation destinations lists, so choosing to highlight this city for summer travel is a no-brainer. Whether you’re traveling to relax or to party, Miami is a great scene for young and older travelers.

The summer is actually considered an offseason for Miami, making the deals even better for families looking to get away on a budget in the summer. That means you can soak up the sun on South Beach or stroll the Art Deco streets and still stay within a walk-able distance to nightlife and activities in vacation rentals who offer lower prices in the summer. The rich history of Miami is expressed in the architecture in the Art Deco district and streets with old flags representing ships that used to come in to the old Miami port. Tour these areas via walking or riding for stories of a very different era.

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