By: MyGuestbook’s Travel Expert

If you’ve already read our blog about how to entertain yourself on a long flight, you are already prepared for what to bring for yourself to keep yourself busy during any flights you may take on your travels. However, traveling with children is an entirely different experience as many know. Plane travel with children can be tricky, given the long waiting times, potential motion sickness, high altitude, and the changes in schedule that can affect how a child feels during the trip. Being prepared for the most common mishaps parents experience on planes can bring peace of mind and ensure your child is content on the flight, which ultimately will allow you some much needed relaxation as well.

First, consider your child’s needs. Depending on their age, they all require different scheduling for snacks, sleeping, eating meals, and entertainment. For babies, keeping them on a routine is crucial, even in the sky. The plane is typically equipped with in flight pillows and blankets to wrap the baby up in for sleep. Feedings can then be done much easier if the baby is able to stay on their routine. If your flight falls during a naptime, try to bring items of comfort for the baby to sleep with to remind them that despite a different environment, they are still safe.

For older children aged 3-7, the time on the plane needs to be structured in to a schedule if possible. Having specific snacks, entertainment, and nap times can keep the child busy and you with reduced stress of corralling and entertaining children on long flights.

Do Bring:

Snacks- These need to be easy to store, and must be small and not messy. Trail mixes, peanut butter sandwiches, and crackers are all ideal solutions for travel with their ability to be stored without refrigeration. The plane will also have snacks but make sure you have backups in the case of an unexpected hunger with your child. If the child is older, consider bringing gum or something for them to chew during takeoff and landing in case of popping ears.

Comfortable items for baby and toddler- From blankets they regularly sleep with to pacifiers, having easily recognizable items can help make the transition from home to vacation much smoother for an especially tired baby.

Entertainment- Depending on the length of your flight, sometimes in-flight entertainment is already provided in the form of movies or tv shows. If not, setting up a small tablet with your children’s favorite shows and movies can eat up any idle time you may have. If takeoff and landing are difficult on the children, having coloring books with crayons can help distract them with easy cleanup in case of marking off of the page.

Medicines or motion sickness aids- Having Dramamine tablets or any other sort of motion sickness option for your child can help in the case of any turbulence or if traveling with a child known to experience motion sickness. These work fantastically and will keep your child comfortable. Also consider bringing any extra pain medications that can come in handy for you or your child during or after the flight.

With these items in tow, you should be traveling smoothly no matter what age your child is. Being prepared going in to a flight with children is the best way to maintain your sanity during air travel. Enjoy your trip and check in with MyGuestbook regularly for more tips and tricks for traveling with children!