By: MyGuestbook’s Travel Expert

Going on a beach vacation is on many summer break plans each year, but despite the popularity of it, it is always a pain to plan, pack and travel when children are in tow. When you’re planning a beach vacation with children, knowing what to bring and what to expect can ensure you and your kids have a great time; It is both of your vacations, after all! Plan for the exciting experiences you can have by getting a feel for where you’re staying and having a set plan. Setting up an itinerary ahead of time should be the first plan of attack for a productive vacation. MyGuestbook doesn’t only offer the tickets to your favorite destinations, they also offer an intuitive planning feature that allows you to set your itinerary before you even arrive at your destination, leaving you well-prepared for every step of your trip.

There are many items to consider bringing in your suitcase for a beach vacation, but save yourself the stress of over-packing and having heavy luggage to drag around and instead limit yourself and your family to only the necessities. Check out our blogs on packing for yourself and your children for the basics. When going on a beach vacation, staying in a vacation rental can be one of the best ways to save your sanity and money during the trip. Not only does a vacation rental usually sit right on the beach, there are plenty of areas to come in to wash off the sand before tracking it in to your rooms.

The best way to have fun on the beach is having the right equipment. Bringing along floats and beach umbrellas isn’t entirely possible on long voyages, so waiting until you arrive on the beach can be an easy way to save yourself the hassle of dragging everything back. Renting beach equipment is available at just about any beach, so it shouldn’t be hard to find some to make your time in the sun a little more fun. Having the space to store all of your equipment in your vacation rental is an added bonus to the excess space you’ll have for all the wonderful times with your family.

Check out MyGuestbook and make sure to ask your vacation home manager if they’re using MyGuestbook for extra integration with your rental!