By: MyGuestbook’s Travel Expert

As summer rounds the hottest stretch of the season, the opportunity to go outside to get fresh air seems minimal. If you don’t live near an ocean, getting outside can be hard. Traveling during the summer often gives families the ability to visit the ocean or some other famous attraction, but even beaches can get boring for some. Families can still get out and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air on vacation without feeling miserable by the biting heat.

Water Parks: Water parks are so popular during the summer, and for good reason. The slides and activities offer something for all ages and provide a relaxing day for parents or a high energy fun-filled day for the children. There are quite a few popular water parks, which means finding one in your vacation destination is easy! Six Flags Hurricane Harbor and White Water are popular options and are available in many warm places including Los Angeles, Atlanta, Texas, and all over Florida! When you search in MyGuestbook, easily book your tickets ahead of time for a great price!

Bike Rental: If everyone in your travel party is old enough to ride a bike, getting out and hitting the pavement with a bike can be a fantastic way to see the city and get some exercise! Avoid traffic and enjoy the breeze as your cruise around town on a bike. Rent a bike in just about any city by the hour for a fun excursion that won’t set you back much money either!

Shopping at an Outdoor Mall: There are many opportunities for shopping on your vacation, and no vacation is complete without a few souvenirs! Take in the sights from the comfort of an outdoor mall. Dodge the heat in the stores while also enjoying the sun while shopping. Depending on your vacation destination, there are always shopping opportunities.

A list of fun outdoor activities wouldn’t be complete without an honorable mention of parks!

Parks are always an easy option for families. Kids can run and play on the playground, kick the ball around, and enjoy the sun. Go in the evening to avoid the hottest point of the day and catch the sunset with family. Some parks even have splash pads for children to enjoy, which is a great way to spend a hot afternoon. Pack a cooler with some cold drinks and snacks to enjoy a relaxing picnic after the kids are worn out.

Find tickets to all of these fun activities and many more on MyGuestbook! The opportunities for indoor and outdoor activities for travelers of all ages are abundant.