Everyone wants to have unique experiences while on vacation, and kids can often lose out on opportunities geared toward adults. However, there are a myriad of opportunities to choose from that can involve children and families with fun activities everyone can enjoy. Crayola Experience Orlando is a fantastic spot for just that. A family can play and be silly together against a backdrop of crayola rainbows.

The opportunities for exciting memory making are endless. Families can work together to create a new crayon color, name it something special, and keep it to take home and show off to friends. Watch a live show to learn about how crayons are made, and embark on a 4-D coloring adventure! There is surely something for everyone among the 26 attractions spanning 70,000 square feet! Children can enter the creative space and emerge with a newfound understanding of the world of crayola. Everyone’s favorite brand for coloring is about more than just crayons though! Toddlers can have a ball in the toddler area with interactive games to keep their feet moving. Children of all ages can work with other kids in all of the interactive areas for a free-spirited play experience that will have them sleeping peacefully by the end of the day.

All of the family can get involved in fabric art, sand art, and other family activities that make bonding with your children easy and fun. Scribbling outside the lines and making a mess is encouraged in this giant fun park. Enjoy all of the unique offerings in the crayola cafe and shop for souvenirs to take home and sweet treats!

Families often avoid experiences like these, but this is definitely an underrated opportunity to bond with the kids and give them a fun time on their vacation as well. Book your tickets online through MyGuestbook and get great deals with the ability to share your plans with the family!