People have a myriad of reasons for traveling, and while most want to lay low and rejuvenate from a stressful life back at home or just soak up some sun, some are seeking a little more excitement during their time away. Having options for the thrill-seekers in your travel group can also get those who don’t typically go for the adrenaline pumping activities can try something new! Thrill-seekers, look no further than our list of activities to get your heart pumping on your vacation.

  1. Zip Lining: One of the most invigorating ways to see the sights from above, zip lining is a great way to feel a rush of excitement as you zip through the beautiful outdoors! Zip lining is available in so many cities, so be sure to check out MyGuestbook for tickets to zip line at your destination!
  2. Indoor Skydiving: One of the best ways to get an adrenaline rush without the worry of weather potentially canceling an outdoor skydiving trip. For those of you who may be fearful of outdoor skydiving, indoor skydiving is a fantastic way to dip your toes into this heart pumping adventure.
  3. Helicopter Tours: Thrill seekers, prepare to see the sights from high in the sky with the ability to cover many miles from above. Many cities have helicopter tours, and so many cities have fantastic scenery from above!
  4. Hot-Air Balloon: A lesser-known but still fun activity is a hot-air balloon ride! The calming and slow rise up differs greatly from helicopters, making it so much more relaxing while still providing a thrill to see the world from so high up.
  5.  Riding an all terrain vehicle: Available in most cities, these vehicles allow thrill seekers to depart on an adventure along dunes, desert areas, and even in special tracks where you can enjoy the speed and freedom to do tricks. This is an activity that would obviously only be good for adults due to the safety issues surrounding it.

 No matter what the thrill seekers in your travel party are seeking, they are sure to find it in some of these activities that are most common in vacation destinations. Visit museums and family activities in the morning and then take yourself on an adventure in the afternoon with any of these activities. Find tickets to these and many other thrilling adventures on MyGuestbook. Sure plans with the thrill seekers in your travel party to get them excited for a heart- pumping and exciting adventure!