For the traveler who wants to take in the cheesiness that some of the popular tourist attractions offer, there are so many options across the US and beyond for checking some fun activities off your bucketlist.

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Everyone has to visit Ripley’s Believe it or Not, which offers a huge selection of weird and zany memorabilia from all around globe.

Another somewhat popular tourist idea can be found at all of the scenic spots available in your destination. From giant balls of yarn to the biggest wicker basket in the world, these decently cheesy spots make for great photo opportunities with the added bonus of remembering it for a long time.

For those traveling to the destinations that blossom during tourism season, you most likely will have no problem finding the most popular tourist attractions. Going to Orlando opens up a ton of possibilities at Disney World and beyond. Because Disney is always popular, it’s a cool idea to also check out some of the other memorable places. Orlando is a prime location for finding museums dedicated to weird things and kooky places with eclectic treasures. These can be found at thousands of other cities around the world as well!

When taking a vacation, keep in mind not only the popular tourist attractions but also the lesser known spots that may just make your trip more unique and memorable than the typical tourist traps that can be busy and mundane. Consider checking out MyGuestbook for all kinds of attraction opportunities in your destination, both zany and normal. You can also use the powerful trip planning tool on the site to share your ideas with family or friends traveling with you!