By: Tiffani Rase

Planning an upcoming trip, especially as a new traveler, is not always a simple task. The planning, packing and execution of a trip can be daunting, especially if you are preparing to bring children as well. There are many moving parts to planning a successful vacation, so organizing the trip properly can go a long way to making your vacation a breeze. We’ve come up with 4 tips to make your new adventure an easy and enjoyable experience.

      1. Make an itinerary ahead of time

             Regardless of planning a road trip or flying to your destination, having a set, documented plan for where you will be and when is one of the most important steps. When you are embarking on a journey, laying out where you will be makes planning activities easier. Your itinerary should include flight information, hotel information, and a note of potential time changes if crossing to different time zones.

Planning an itinerary is simple on our website using the “Create a Trip” feature. You can explore the area you’re going to be visiting before you arrive, making preparing for the trip that much easier. Share your trip itinerary with any other attendees to collaborate on plans as well.


     2. Plan some activities ahead of time

This can especially help when traveling with small children, as having a plan laid out can reduce the hassle of figuring it out when you get there. Buying tickets to theme parks or tours ahead of time can also save you some money as purchasing tickets in advance is often cheaper than buying the tickets at the destination. We provide deals on tickets to theme parks and many other activities all in one place. Keep all ticket information in your itinerary to reference when you arrive.

    3. Pack light and smart

With the rising prices of checking baggage on airplanes, to limited space in the car, it’s important to bring only what you need. Check the weather ahead of time and pack a few pieces that can be intermixed to create new outfits throughout the trip. If you’re on a longer venture, you can do laundry midway.

Bring only absolute necessities- toiletries and clothing are first priority, and anything you forget can be bought at your destination if you absolutely need it.

Picture34. Be prepared for travel day

Being prepared will minimize the stress of the dreaded travel day. Print out your itinerary and make sure your whole party has a copy. For planes, have carry-ons packed with a few entertaining activities and make sure to have no liquids or potentially dangerous items-nail clippers, tweezers, etc. This will save you time when going through security. For a car trip, preparing with healthy snacks can save you money on buying fast food on the way, leaving you with extra money to spend at your destination!

Ultimately, vacations are about having fun, so go with the flow and accept the hurdles as they come. Have fun and enjoy the adventure!




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